Sometimes I really have to step back and look at the world around me. As a gay Christian it confounds me how gays are so rejected by my fellow Christians. The fundamental mindset seems to advance it’s position day to day. Bashing people with the Bible and judging them even though the Bible clearly states that it’s God who judges not us. The Westboroites of the world seem to be growing. Recently my old denomination, Southern Baptist, basically declared war on gays. I myself was thrown out on my butt by the same people I had worshiped God with only because I finally had the guts to admit I was still gay after all those years. Compassion seems to be just a word tossed around by the self-righteous to make them look good and feel better about themselves.

On a positive note though people with Autism seem to be making headway in society. I see so many getting involved with movements to make Autism accepted rather than the old “let’s treat ’em with shock treatments” attitude. I am especially proud of a young man with Autism I know on Facebook who is trying very hard to get the word out that acceptance is what Autism wants. Not treatment. I wish him the best in his quest.

The reason for my interest? These are the people in my circle of life. These are the people that I know who are vulnerable to the attacks of bullies and other idiots in general. Gay kids are committing suicide at alarming rates. Children with Autism and other disabilities suffer the same treatment from the idiots of this world. Fortunately they aren’t killing themselves like gay kids but they still are suffering. Just something I hope you will think about!

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