Into The Second Closet: Christian Parents With Gay Children


So sad! But I know it happens.

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A funny thing happens when you’re a Christian pastor, and gay Christian students or their Christian parents find out that you aren’t going to treat them the way Christian pastors have normally treated them: They start talking.

They reach out to you.
They confide in you.
They cry to you.

Over the past 18 years, I’ve come to hear scores of stories of these families, and of their horrific years spent living in The Second Closet.

You see, when students are both gay and Christian, (and yes, you can be both), they live knowing that they have to hide everything, all the time. They become experts at concealing attraction, at hiding visual cues, at steering conversations away from potentially awkward moments, especially in the Church.

It isn’t like they haven’t been warned.

They’ve sat through the worship services, and have heard all the sermons, and know all the Scripture passages, and they’ve…

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What I do when…

Well, we’re moving HOPEFULLY this weekend. I’ll be so glad to get out of this hell hole. I’m not cut out for this lifestyle. In the meantime till I get things established I’m occupying my time shooting anything I can think of. Thought I’d post these just for the hell of it. I hope soon to get back to shooting what I love.IMGP0471 IMGP0504 IMGP0521 IMGP0538 IMGP0563 IMGP0640 IMGP0657

He’s so heartbroken

I just had to post today. My fave model (in the photo) is going through some really tough times. And his mood really came out in the photos yesterday. He’s like my own son. All my models are like my kids and I love each and every one of them. When one hurts I hurt and it makes me want to cry. I feel so bad for him. Not just one thing but several things are happening to him. He hurts. I’d do anything to help if I could but I can’t. I’m so frustrated that I can’t help. I just don’t want him hurt anymore. Does that make sense? Should I be so involved in their lives?  Anyway. Here’s a photo we did yesterday. I’m posting it in hopes that anyone reading this will send their thoughts and prayers his way. And thank you!


So now what?

I have been so engrossed in self-pity and other depressive processes lately I have to pull myself out. One thing that has come of it is I have found that my passion for photography is my only escape. I have in all my lonely hours figured out more of the whys to my love of the craft. It is my way of staring down reality in the face and climbing the obtrusive walls in my life. So now I move forward. Plans fail and I have to live with that but giving up is not an option anymore. Better things ARE in store! Weather permitting of course!